Monday, July 27, 2009


On Sunday, we went to a picnic in a forest preserve near our home. It was a nice and warm day, with no rain in sight. What do you think of this tree? It caught my eye - or I should say my camera!

Everyone enjoying the sunny day.

Arianna was loving this tree. She is a monkey in a way. She wants to be flipped, twirled, etc.. So, it made sense that she wanted to be in top of the tree.

Arianna wanted to keep going up and down. She kept asking Ann to help her! "Please!"

Everyone enjoying the tree. Nice family picture :)

Glenn and Arianna were playing ball for awhile.

Then, everyone joined on the fun.

Glenn checking the surroundings. Yeah, everything was in check!

Aunt Ann and Arianna having a wonderful moment.

Tiffany and Glenn playing with the tennis balls that grandpa and grandma brought.

Dave enjoying a moment with Glenn as well.

Horses. There is a trail that goes through. Glenn and Ari stopped what they were doing and looked at the horses until they were out of sight.

Nice picture of Ann in the famous tree.

Grandpa and Papa reading and relaxing.

Everyone else were playing a game.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toy and Nature again

Leigh Ann remember this toy? You gave it to me in the baby shower. Now, it finally sits on the fridge and Arianna loves it when it is moving. She keeps saying circle, circle, ....

Now, this is a photo of 6 friends that attended high school together. It only took 18 years for this picture? (L-R, T - B) Lubia, Rosaura, Eufemia, Me, Rosalva.

Going more into my garden. Here is a picture of tomatoes. Why are these tomatoes so especial? Because these are the first tomatoes from the plants I started from seeds sometime in April! I did not believe any of the seedlings will survive, but at least 6-8 are going strong :)

Alma we need to get the masa and the queso Oaxaca so we can do some really good Quesadillas! I love the taste of the zucchini's flower.

Can you see the top of the carrots? I am not sure if they are ready or not. I may pulled one out to see if we can finally get some.

A carpet of Rubeckia or Black -Eyed Susan as it is commonly referred. I love how it looks.

Begonia. The first one to come from our bulbs. I hope I get more. I like how the flower has so many dimensions, can you tell it looks even nicer with some of the drops of water?

Elephant's ears. Arianna loves these leaves. They are kind of purple, and purple is her favorite color so far.

Anyone some purple pepper? I'd never seen or pay attention to this color. I know there were some red, yellow, green, and orange, but no purple. I am waiting to see what kind of taste it will have.

What to do with a poor tree that died and a huge trunk left for evidence? How about a beautiful flower arrangement. Yeah, that is what Our neighbor's did. It looks awesome.

This is the tree in the front of the house. It turns purple on May and yellow on the fall. It is really pretty, maybe next year I will focus somewhat in front of the house. Still needs some changes.

Side yard. We have some hostas, peonies, and a flower bush that I cannot find what it is yet. It is really nice, but unfortunately we do not use it much. Maybe one day I will extend our fence farther so we can incorporate this part and use it more.

Huge honeysuckel in the side yard. I guess the previous owners loved this vine/bush so much that we have 3. All three slightly different color, but equally beautiful.