Monday, February 15, 2010

52 projects #4

This doll was a bit of challenge for me.  For once, it has been awhile since I have done anything similar and I made the doll bigger than the original.  The pattern was a free download from Martha Stewart's website when Emily Martin visited at her show.  She has an etsy store where you can buy it, but they are 1/2 the size of what I made and she does not make that many so they go fast.  I made some for my daughter's birthday and everyone loved them especially big girls.  I am going to do one or two more so I can get better, but this is my first try at a big doll.  What do you think?



For this week I decided to take this picture in honor of Valentine's day.  Now, the poor roses were not the best since we forgot them in the car for 2 days (those roses were for my mom's birthday) but we decided to try to help them a bit.

My mom loves butterflies.  I bought her one similar to this one when I went to Puerto Rico in 1998.  I bought this one for me about a year ago when I went to the Garden Show at Navy Pier.  This place has a butterfly farm, they let them live and when they died they picked them up.  So, no killing for this ;)