Saturday, June 6, 2009

Changing channels

I was changing channels and stopped in the Top 20 (music videos) and Pink was on. Arianna left her toy and started dancing to this song... good luck, Mike!

Who is the culprit?

I wonder, wonder, who is eating some of my bulbs??? Well, this is just one possibility since rabbits, squirrels, opossums, etc... live around our house as well. I will see what makes it. Then, what does not I will try again with some sort of mesh to protect them. I know I could plant more daffodils, ornamental onions, etc.. (they don't like it) but I prefer tulips, dahlias, peonies, etc. So, I am hoping that at least 50% will make it... cross fingers. [ANY idea to protect them? Let me know]

Well, this is still adorable. First, I thought she had killed something and was carrying it somewhere, then it turned out that she is a mommy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New toys...

I finally cleaned the "coat" closet (located at the entrance of our house). It had been our "black hole" for a while, and I found 2 new toys (bought about a year or more ago). One was letters, numbers, and math signs. The other one was a cloth book. So, I waited until Mike was here so he could open them with Ari. She was so excited, she was waiting patiently for daddy to open them.

Future Garden of America? Well, she does not mind getting dirt on her hands....I can't say the same about food!
Ari and flowers. She goes around telling me "bowwer" (flower) and the color of each of them. I like that she does not mind been outside so gives me time to fix some stuff that I need to do in the garden.
Nice smile. She loves to run and play around. We were playing "Tag.."

Her favorite ball, we played soccer with it (since she can kick it better than catch it). This also reminds me two things that she finds hilarious right now. One, when you put her on her car seat, she likes it when you say "click ,click" when you are putting the seat belt. Two, she made a really smelly poop when she was sick, and I went "ewe", and she laughed so hard. Now, she goes ewe herself and laughs a lot.

Well, here are my seedlings (tomatoes) that I just transferred. Don't know, it does not look promising... at least, I tried. I'll see what happens.

Here is the clematis with all the flowers opened! I wonder how many will give next year. First year was 1, second year were 3, this year are 15!

A rose is born! I guess the plants are liking the spot were I planted them since they are staring to give us new buds (flowers and/or leaves). That makes me happy :)

Here is a picture of my iris dutch in full bloom, it will last about 1-2 weeks more, then we will wait until next year.

I had said no more planting -no bushes, trees, etc..- only flowers, annuals, and a few vegetables. But, I could not pass 2 bushes more (really good sale). A red azalea, and in honor of Star Trek... A Vulcan! That is the name of this rhododendron.

Anyone knows the name of this plant? It has white flowers during June, the purple color on top and green on the bottom?

I looked at this picture and realized how marked the seasons are here. Just not long ago, there was no green at all...

In honor of Evelyn, I took a picture of our bat house (we have 2). There were put there by the previous owner. Like the bat sign?

I guess we will be having new neighbors. The female robin has been nesting now!

And this picture is for Tiffany, I rearrange my pantry. Ari helped too. She helped to take the things out, and put the ones in the bottom in. How nice of her.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New neighbor.

Trying to let Arianna eat by herself. Some days she does better than others. Well, practice makes everyone perfect or close to it anyway. :)

Do you know what kind of bird is this? The one looking at me...

I took a picture of this beautiful peony (at Arianna's grandparent's house). I think this is the one called Sherbet Peony.

And finally, we seem to have a new neighbor in our yard. We had bunnies, lots of squirrels, birds, opossum, etc.... but I'd never seen a raccoon in our yard. My neighbor Chris had said that there was one somewhere in the back of our houses (we have a small lot with grass and trees) and he thought it lived in a neighbor's garage. But, I never saw it so close. Must have been so hungry that he came all the way to the patio door (literally one step from it) in the middle of the day! (Well, having a garbage bag that we had just put on the deck since we were getting ready to leave I am sure it helped)