Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Ron

Can you spot my uncle!? Here to many good wishes and projects and that many many coops sell! Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raven's Party

Happy Birthday Raven (August 1st)!!!

So, for the last kid of my sister' children (we already celebrated the other 3 kids ) I decided to try a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I was a bit worried since it was my first attempt to make one, but the cake came out fine. The frosting was a tad too sweet so next time I will add less sugar than they said. Overall, I was happy with my first attempt. The R was made with pink marshmallows since that is her favorite color.

Here is Raven (yellow dress) with Scarlett (sister on the left) and a friend of hers (Desiree).

My sister Alma taking a break. We decided to make an arrachera party so she helped my mom and Eli to prepare the meat for grilling, guacamole, salsas, beans, and the rice (was made by Tony - very good ).

Tony was grilling the meat. It was a bit slowed since we only have the little Q, but the meat came out just wonderful. Who knows, maybe we will get a bigger grill in the future.

My brother Carlos and her lovely Eli. Thanks for the drinks and for all the help. Everyone brought something to the party so it was a feast!

Raven is blowing her candle. Wow, I cannot believe she is 9 years old. Where does the time go?

As always, she is cutting her cake. Everyone wants to do that now!

Thanks mom for the salsas, beans, guacamoles to request (no tomato, no onion, etc.), and all your help in cleaning afterward ! And of course to Tony for grilling all the meat!

So, here is where Raven was getting ready to open her presents. Everyone knows that she is into the Littlest Pet Shop, so she got quite a load. Can you tell how excited she is in the following pictures?

Scarlett and Raven. Raven got 1-2 repeats, but she gave them to her sister so she was a happy camper since they shared quite a bit. That is really nice :)

You may ask what happened to our darling, she was taking her nap. But, here she is! Alma bought her a few books (thanks) and Mike is reading to everyone.

Raven changed her clothes since they were going to a roller skating party afterward to continue the celebration! Hope you enjoy your day! (and thanks to everyone!)

Play-doh and "Shhhhhh"

Here is a picture of Jack, I took it just after he finished yawning so he had a funny/ weird look in his face. He is doing really well, but we are trying to figure out the best way to introduce him to the rest of the cats and house.

Arianna and play-doh meet for the first time. She did not try to eat it (at least not yet), and she had fun making little holes into it. I see more play-doh in our future.

She likes her stuff animals and loves to lay down while I put as many as I can on top of her.

I took these pictures with my little camera so they are not as crisp as they could have come out with the other one, but I love the sequence. She seems eager to keep trying to sit or lay down in the ledge of the patio doors. I am sure that is not comfortable, but that is what she wants to do recently. She was putting her bunny to sleep, and kept telling me to "Shhhhh". Yeah.

Here are some pictures of the new plants/ flowers that I don't think I did before. :)