Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A pound and the quest for a nice bench...

Here is my prep work for Cincinnati Chilli, it is very easy to do and has a lot of favor, but it is not spicy. If you are interested, I can send you the recipe :)

Mike and I did this pound cake yesterday. It needs quite a bit of mixing, and the problem with my hand, I need someone to help me. So, it was nice to work together. I did the frosting today, it is a Brown Sugar Frosting. Very yummy. (The picture does not show how good it is, food photography is an art in itself, that is for sure).

We'd been having a new visitor to our house. It is a brown tabby cat (male). We are not sure if it is a stray or someone's cat, but it is outside quite often and seems hungry all the time. Can you see Betsy in the other side of the door?

Over the weekend, we went to IKEA and had a nice time. Arianna likes to see in a chair (no high chairs anymore). They want to grow so quickly. And the sad part is that they do.

We bought her a new rug at IKEA. She loves it, and I love that when she has a rug, all her mess (or mostly) gets confined in one area. Betsy approves of the rug too.

This was a lazy Sunday picture. We were doing breakfast and she was dancing and singing in the kitchen with us. I took a video of that. I'll try to see if I can post it later.

When we went to Petco last time, Arianna would not let go of "Blue". She thinks it is blue from the child series "Blue's Clues". So, what is a parent to do. Ok, so I could say no, and leave, but she seldom likes something this much (at least for now). So, in the basket went and into the car.

Do you know this bird? I'd been trying to find out. It hangs out with another greckel, but they look so different.

I had not seen the Cardinal for a while, but here it is. Love his singing and color.

When I bought this hydrangea, it had no flowers so when I saw this beautiful blue/purplish color I was very happy. They have this huge cluster of flowers and the plant has about 8 of them. Very beautiful.

This is my hidden rose. Whomever planted it, had to be at least 5-7 years ago. They did not account for the two bushes around the rose, now they are so big that the only way you can see it is by ducking really low. But, I am afraid of moving it, roses can be very temperamental.

And here is the square garden in the back part of the yard. Now, the only thing for this summer is to find a nice bench to go with it. To be able to sit and read a book, or just relax. So, the quest for the perfect bench is on.

Ari is helping mom by getting wet while I pour some water in my seeds and bulbs (hopefully I'll get some color on my garden). She loves to get wet. Maybe I should buy her a small pool. In this picture, she is telling me a story about cheese...

Her new favorite place... playing with some gravel.