Saturday, May 8, 2010

WPP#19 - Love and a paw

I'd been playing with my cricut so much that I needed to buy a new sheet for it :), and I realized when I was trying to decide whether I will buy one or not that Jack (my cat) had signed my sheet.  Can you see his signature?   It also reminded me that I just got a bag full of old candy... old in the sense that I used to eat it when I was about 12 -13 years old and it is candy that you cannot find here, but that my aunt sent me :)  Yums! 
Also, this weekend and each day we should remember our love ones, but for this weekend Happy Mother's Day to every mommy (love u ma) !

Sunday, May 2, 2010

52 Projects - #15 Batman Blanket


I actually finished this one last Saturday, but could not post because it was a gift for my sister in law and I wanted her to be surprised.  I mailed it to her first :)  I did not do this in one week.  It actually took me almost 2 years to do.  But, last week was the only thing I focus because I was so close and wanted to finish.  So, here it is.  I was so happy I was able to finish a big project.  Now, I feel energize to do something else :)
These are some pictures of how it looks in the front, and I took a picture of how it looks in the back.  A lot of times, when I see a project I always wonder how it looks in the back, but they seldom put a picture.  I know it is not as cute, but sometimes is good to see so a newbie can get an idea of what to do in the back.  So, here is mine ;)
And Arianna saw the blanket and liked it.  She said "Mama is wonderful".  Then, she laid down for awhile and when she was not looking I put it away.  Now, I am making her a blanket. :)

WPP#18 Stars and Planets..

When you were a little girl did you want those fluorescent stars on your ceiling?  I did.  Arianna loves her turtle (when it is all dark you can see the stars) that her Ann gave her so long ago now.  I found this planets that light up as well.  So now, we are going for the whole Universe for her :)