Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Ron!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! My mommy found this really nice picture of you taken in Christmas of 2005. And, I like the picture where you are telling me a story when I was a tiny little baby.

I hope you are enjoying your day! Many, many more...

Love, Arianna (and my parents)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Alpha Chi

Congratulations to my daddy who became a member of the Alpha Chi Honors at school, way to go! His hard work was rewarded. Now, only a little more time until he graduates!

Pumpkin patch

On Sunday, we went to Bengtson Pumpkin Fest in Homer Glen. It was a nice sunny day and that brought lots of kids to the fest. We got there around 4 pm and at 4:30pm they had a piggy race (there are 10 races during the day). Each race consists of 3 mini-races, the first two looked like the same piggies, but the last one were pot bellies piggies (very cute). Mike and I enjoyed this part the most, but I am afraid that the screaming was not the best for Arianna. Maybe in 1-2 yrs. she would be screaming :)

After the races, we headed to the pumpkin patch. There were lots of pumpkins to choose from, we left Arianna on the grass (she hated grass before so she would not moved from one spot, but this time she got up and walked). She walked almost the entire field, which is not small. We were very impressed by this. She still wants your hand to walk around, but the truth is we don't give her too much help. It must be a psychological thing.

And after walking for awhile, she picked her pumpkin! She stopped and played drums on the pumpkin, then touched the grooves all around, sat on it, sat next to it, and smile. Like yep, this is it! I tried to make her walk to other pumpkins, but she was not interested in any other one (like she was in that one. So, Mike went back and bought it). It turns out the pumpkin is 30 lbs so we have lots of pumpkin to cook eventually.

Before we left, we found this nice spot between four pumpkins and took a few pictures.

Then we headed to the elephant ears or funnel cake stand. I don't even remember the last time we ate one, and the line was sooooooo long, but I wanted one so I stayed while Mike waited for me close by. I was a bit disappointment because my funnel was all in mini-pieces, others funnels looked really nice, but it was very tasty. I guess in the end, it was good that it was in pieces so it was easy to eat with one hand available (baby had the other hand).

They also had lots of farm animals, I took these pictures for all bunny lover's (especially Tiff).

They also had pigs (besides the ones in the race), alpacas, goats, chickens, donkey, and more. They had a corn maize that we could not go because the baby was getting tired. We were there for 3 hours so we had to limit the time. But, I took 2 pictures for Barry and Ann (in mind). Mike told you about the chickens; it was my surprised, but here it is anyway. Maybe you can set up puppet's shows like this. Arianna loved it.
They also had a haunted house, and a Halloween theme around the entire area. Check this picture of the happy skeletons. They also had rides for kids. Arianna was too young for them, but hopefully next year. Ah, and pony and the tractor pulled-hay rack rides as well! Too much to do in a very little time (Arianna's time), but kids around 4 and up may enjoy be there for at least 5 hrs. There is plenty to do, and the food is good too.

It was a lot fun, and I am hoping that next year it will be better!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here are some videos for you to enjoy...


On Friday, Arianna's cousin came to visit her and while they napped first, it did not take long for all the energy to come back! They were playing with a lot of toys, but the 2 soccer balls seemed to be their favorite, followed by the bat and the music book.