Friday, May 29, 2009

Help nature and other events.

I wanted to start the blog entry with this picture that I took a few days ago. This poor squirrel got stuck in a milk's ring (most likely). Let's remember to cut those things that can injure animals, kids, etc. It does not take too long. I wish I could help this poor squirrel, but he runs just by me opening the door and I am not sure how I could hold him to do it. Plus, I have not seen him since then :(

Into nicer things... This is a banana bread that I started from scratch. My third try. Mike thinks this is the best one so far (my second attempt was not very good)...

More pictures of the yard... I love this honeysuckle, last year it got some type of disease in the leaves and I thought it may died, but it looks great so far. I love the orange of the flowers the most.

I don't even remember if I planted this one or it was here, but I like the poms poms look of its flowers. I guess Ari and I like purple more than I thought.

Another shot of the purple lupine, as you can see it has bloomed more in the top.

Can you see the bi-color in this clematis? I am going to try to buy two more, a red one and a bright all purple. :)

One of my favorite flower/bush, hydrangea. I bought this one without any blooms and I thought it will be pink, here looks more like a light blue/purple/white. It will be nice next to the one that I know it is pink.

Mike finally found a ring to substitute the one he got married with. This year when we go for our renewal of vows, we will ask the reverend to bless the ring :)

Ari wants to help more in the chores around the house, I know I better take advantage of that while it lasts... but here she is helping take the garbage to the front door (then I take it to the curve).

I took these two pictures that follow with Ron in mind... Does the bus look familiar to you? Ari plays with it quite often.

I took these pictures yesterday, she was feeling better, but still had some fever. I noticed that she had something in her t-shirt and I asked her, what do you have in there? She said a K. I looked and yes, it was one of her letters. (Is around her belly button).

She loves the cats (a bit too much), but I like this picture. She always goes to Misty the most because she puts up with her more... And I am happy to say that the fever is gone :).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arianna's new pictures

We were in the backyard a few days ago, and I just started taking pictures of Arianna (like I normally do), but I really liked some of these shots. Now, I am having a hard time choosing two that I want to do bigger than 4 x 6 so I can put in a frame, maybe 8 x 10. So, what do you think, which two pictures will you choose (from Ari in overalls)...

Picture #1, Ari was walking down the stairs.

Picture #2, I like the silhouette of her walking towards the garage.

Picture#3, Arianna was dancing and singing.

Picture #4, I think there was a bird that flew above her towards the trellis.

Picture #5, Arianna very busy doing... maybe she is trying to figure out how to grill!

Picture #6, Arianna took her hat...she had enough I guess.

Picture #7, She did this post on purpose.

Picture #8, love her smile.

Here is a shot of a new pair of pink shoes. Well, it is the first pair of pink shoes, she had black ones and white ones.

Arianna playing with her favorite ball.

She is practicing walking fast, running and jumping.

One of Ari's favorite flowers are the red roses. She always goes there first to tell me, red "bowwer" (flower).

Monday, May 25, 2009


I want to start this blog entry by thanking my mom for helping me in the garden (planting, cleaning, etc...) it goes without saying that it is easier when there is more than one person doing it :)

Here is a shot of the new foxglove (we bought two) and I read that hummingbirds and butterflies love them (as well as bees).

We bought two roses (plus one vine), but I had not really taken a picture of this pink one. Supposedly it is called Chicago (although the color does not match the one that came with the bucket, it was supposed to be more in the orange/yellow/pinkish range) anyway, I still think it is very pretty.

A picture of our Japanese maple. I love how the leaves look ( we have two now!)

I am not sure the name of these beautiful flowers, I read or heard somewhere that they are called Snowballs, but I am not sure and I don't know their scientific name either, but they are pretty!

Here is one tulip that I almost missed taking a picture, it is already dying so maybe it is not as beautiful as it would have been when it first opened, but you can still see how wonderful the colors are.

Last year, I planted another bleeding heart, and wished for the best... well, here it is!

This is a picture of a new Robin's nest almost above to where we put the chairs to lounge in the backyard. I don't think they have eggs yet since the robins had not done anything to kick us out of our yard. I should charge them rent!

I planted this plant almost 3 yrs ago (when we first moved to the house) then it disappeared so I thought it had died, and now it surprised me with these tiny flowers. I did not know that it would have some.

From the bulb that I bought a Holland, MI, and I put last September! It gave us our first peony!

Our clematis is opening the first three flowers from 15 buds that I see... I'll try to take a better picture when they are fully opened!

I guess Mike and Ann have a flower in common, the lupines. After I was talking to Ann about what flowers will be nice to plant, she said she liked the lupines. I told her I thought they were only annuals, and I was looking for perennials. Later that week, we went to a new place -Graff Gardens - in Southwest Highway- nice stuff, although a lot of it a bit more expensive than other places. Mike found this thing and said that is cool ( I forgot how the lupines looked). I said picked what you want, he picked three then I found out these were the lupines. We bought a pink, purple, and yellow. In the picture below, it is still blooming, it started from the bottom!

Here are our irises -I think these are the dutch irises. Too bad they only flower about this time and only once a year, but while they do, they have a wonderful purple color.

This is my new hydrangea (the original). I thought they were pink flowers, although right now they look more like a white / light blue... I'll see if it changes later.