Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was bound to happen! Yes, our patio door needs to be replaced. Today I opened it and it felt like it came off from the bottom. I was able to close it, but I don't think if we try to open it again, it will close. So, we called the window and door company to get an estimate. It looks like it will be in the 2ka. (tax , installation, etc...), great more bills to come...
With this horrible economy, I am still looking forward to our trip. Even if we just go to the free trails, and do window shopping... Sometimes, the soul / spirit needs a vacation too! I am hopeful that I can stay a little longer with the baby, otherwise I'll try to start with a part time in the future.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration and Yummy

The day finally arrived and now we have a new VP and President. Let's hope that the change is positive...

Arianna was playing and goofing around while the Inauguration was on. I guess not that entertaining for a 1yr old, but she liked the singing and music parts! (Can you see her molars? The top ones are coming down too!)

Yesterday, I tried to make arroz con leche and came out good, but I need to work a bit more in the rice (there was one step that was omitted from the instructions that turned out to be very important, but it was still very good). I also made some chicken tacos with chipotle, cilantro and some other spices.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cool Pictures

We have endured a few days of horrible weather, but today is not too bad (all thing considered). This picture, I took after we were outside for a bit ( I was shoveling about a foot of snow). Now, I don't need to worry about Arianna hating snow, for the contrary she loves it. So, I have to keep an eye she does not get too wet!

Ezri in her time in the first floor, she goes back and forth between my two boxes of gerbils!

This picture was taken today after going grocery shopping.

And I love her little shoe print! Next time I'll try to put my print so you can see the difference.

Oh, yeah. Mommy's little helper! She was trying to put the bags away. Maybe soon she can actually help me more. :)

Yeah, one of my nature pictures that I love to take.

Ezri chilling in the basement, she was happy after she saw Daisy!

Yeah, here she is - Daisy- welcome to the Nelson Family!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A pet for Ezri

We went to Petco and ended up buying a gerbil! I kept feeling guilty for having Ezri in the basement ( I do lock Betsy and Misty for 1-2 hrs per day and let Ezri roam free, but she still cries sometimes and cannot let her up) so what to do ? Yeah, that is where Daisy comes in :) We were looking for a pair, but anywhere we went they only had one, so I will post a picture of her later in the week. She is all black with a whitish chin. Very beautiful and not jumpy at all.
We did try an introduction, and well did not go as well... :( So, unless some kind of miracle happens, I think Ezri and Daisy will go to a great couple. So, going back to our new member, she is definitely keeping Ezri more happy and everyone else too.