Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day filled with fun, lots of love and all your family whether they are near or far, try to always keep in touch!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our sweet Penny!

Today, November 24, 2008, it marks the 1 yr anniversary of our wonderful Penny. To those that were lucky to meet her know that she was a very sweet cat, but also very determined and she hold her ground as the alpha cat in our house :) We still miss her tremendously and I know that my other cats do too. Betsy and Misty changed a bit after Penny died. But, I don't want to make this post about sadness, but happiness in remembering how Penny made our lives better. She knew when we needed some of her wonderful purrrrring. She would left you pet her tummy and it all failed she would "sing" an opera. meeeeooooowww!

Oh, and who could forget that you could not pass any turkey, chicken, roast beef or ham sandwich without her waiting by your feet! OR her love for our Christmas tree! OR how she took Betsy under her wing and was the perfect mother to a new kitten. OR how she would let Misty sit with her and keep peace between Betsy and Misty.

We adopted her when she was 3 years old, and we don't regret it for one moment. She was an awesome "kitty". We love you and we miss you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Field Museum

In the biology class that Mike is taking, there is a lab that he has to do which involves going to the Field Museum. It is a nice idea to try to get people interested in history, science and such, but it is an expensive activity. I mean what isn't these days? I know they have their free days, but none on the weekends so it will be more expensive for Mike to take a day off from work to go in the free day. He was able to use his student ID for 3 dls off, our admission price was $41 dls (including the Aztec exhibition - which you have to pay extra to go see), our parking was $18 dls (for 5 hrs). If you stay up to 4 hrs is $15dls. We spent $15 dls for McDonalds (I found out later that you can take your lunch there). Six dollars, for a nice card and a maraca for Arianna. So, our visit was $80dls! I know I am missing something because before I came out with 90dls, anyway. How can a family of 4 or 5 or more do it? Yes, there is a family membership, but it does not include parking like the Museum of Science and Industry. So, it can get pricey just in parking. The museum is nice, but if we want families to go there and learn maybe it should be more affordable.
Anyway, the museum has beautiful exhibitions. Mike's favorites are in the evolving planet where they talked about primates and the dinosaurs. My favorites are the exhibition about the North American Birds and the beautiful gems!

Oh yeah, we also got into a small car accident to top our Saturday. It was very small and it is not noticeable, but we got a dent about the size of a small orange that needs to get fixed. It does not seem that affected the tire or the door, but we will have it check to make sure it was just the metal. It was not our fault, and we have the other person's info. At least, everyone is ok and the car is running ok as well.
Thanks to Ron and Dad Ron for fixing our garage door!

Arianna's news

Well, no luck taking the picture of her molar, but it is completely out in the right side. Now, she started teething and gnawing in the left side, so we are guessing the molar in this side is coming, but nothing is out yet. The gum is very puffy so it will be making an "entrance" soon.
Meanwhile, Arianna's cousin Santana came to visit last week. Here are some pictures (it is scary, just a 1-2 months ago, he came and both were crawling - now they both walk!)

Also, we can say that Arianna has said goodbye to bottles (for about 2-3 weeks) now. She is using sippy cups and drinks 100% cow's milk! Hooray for Arianna! [She also loves her monkey pajamas]

Last week, we needed more bird's food so we went to Menard's. They already had the Christmas stuff (like all the stores) and their display of Christmas trees were beautiful. Arianna loved it!

Alpha Chi Ceremony

On Tuesday, November 18, 2008 we went to the ceremony at NEIU where Mike became a member of Alpha Chi for outstanding work in school (top 10% of the junior and senior class are eligible). SO, here are a few pictures to remember this event.

Here we are waiting for the event to start. It actually started on time !

Mike waiting for his name to be called.

Mike after receiving his pin and certificate !

Here is the family that attended the event: Ron, Dad Ron, Mom Marie and me! We could not take Arianna since it was a late event so Aunt Ann and Barry babysat for us.

We were at the parking lot (about to go eat ) when we remembered we had not seen the certificate so Mike took it out and was reading it.

We are so proud of you!!!