Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two events - Rocking Chair and Chocolate!

I wanted to post this separate because it is soooooo darn cute and because I am adding some video footage. For the first one - Green Rocking Chair-. We got the chair on October 15, 2008 and it is Ron and Evelyn's gift to Arianna for her first birthday. [Thank you very much!]
She cannot sit on her own, so she asks us to sit her and then she rocks herself, but she has learned to get down by herself. One down - One to go!

Enjoy this video courtesy of Arianna.

The second event was the "chocolate". As everyone may (or not) know Mike loves chocolate. I am not really a chocolate lover (or was) until I got pregnant and craved brownies and chocolate milk. But, our little bundle of joy loves chocolate and recognizes the wrapping of some chocolates (mainly the ones that Mike eats).
We were in the kitchen and she found the box that I had left in the shelf under her bottles. She did not care for that shelf before, but she does now. When she saw the box, she got so excited!

Here is the last video (for now). Can I have some chocolate!!!!

Recent Events

Well, it finally happened that Arianna kept her barrette in place for a few hours until it fell because she was playing around (I need to buy her a smaller version since the one in the picture is too big for her right now), but at least I know she won't try to rip it like she used to.

Grass or no grass... I think she is getting a lot better with grass, but in the beginning she still wants someone to help her out so she does not have to touch it. In the picture below, I took the picture right after she touched the grass and it looked like she was trying to clean herself. She wanted me to help her up, but she managed in her own and ended up playing with the grass after awhile.

Arianna loves books! The picture below pictures my house how it looks every night (and morning). She wakes up and wants daddy to read her "One lucky duck". Every morning! I know they say children need routines, she has one with this book. In the afternoon, I read "Humpty Dumpty" or "If I have a pig" or one from Einstein series with classical music. Then, she likes the baby colors and baby first words.

Arianna has started to like pens/ pencils. On Saturday, we went with Mike to school and while he was studying with his study group, Arianna and I went around the library. At the end, she wanted to write like daddy did.

Arianna is not into pillows, boppy, etc..., but when she was getting too tired she found the boppy that the cats used most of the times. It was so cute.

Arianna has two cars that she got in her first birthday. As you can see in the picture, she can ride her cars by herself now. She is walking about 50-60 % of the time, so I am guessing that is helping her in riding her cars. She likes each car for different reasons, this one for the back of the car. It has a toy that makes noise (like a rattle), and the pink car for the music and the seat (container in the bottom).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Marie!

So, here it is! Another year has come to an end and another year will beginning... I want to wish you lots of happiness and joy, with tons of kisses and hugs. Enjoy your birthday!

Love, Arianna, Mike and Erika.