Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backyard possibilities

This is one of the new Morning (or is it Mourning?) Dove that started to show up in our yard. We used to have a pair, and now we have about 5-6! There are not bad, at least they don't try to eat the vegetables and they keep in the back of the yard.

I saw this flower, does anyone know what it is? I have not seen it before, and I did not plant it. So, if it is a wildflower, it is very pretty.

I am hopeful that my "lovely" squirrels keep ignoring these tomatoes!

I cut one of the purple green pepper, the other one is not ready yet. we will use it to make a yummy salad.

These roses reminded me when I used to dance and had a huge red squirt with lots of waves. Oh, those were the days, when I was young and fit.

I took this picture a day before a squirrel will take the red tomato. Oh, squirrel! This is when I have a love-hate relationship with them!

My best deal of this summer came when I bought this plant called Wishbone. I paid 1 dollar. It was a small thing and I thought it was going to die, but it has grow at least 5 x the original size :)

Dahlias. Lots of dahlias. Love them.

More dahlias. The little dahlias. Tiny little dahlias.

Sunflowers. How about this, the squirrel gave us a gift! I did not plant sunflowers there, and suddenly one comes up! Thanks squirrel.

Change is in the horizon...

Here is a picture of my darling's cute sandals. She loves the flowers, and to play with them, but not to wear them. I guess she needs to get used to them :)

Ari loves to draw her hand. She loves to draw in general, crayons, chalkboard, pens, you name it. We already have her first art work in our couch! We don't even know when she did it!

Daddy and Ari are eating some yummy Oreo cookies. Maybe we should do the commercial. They look so cute together.

Resting after eating all those cookies. I guess that will be the pose if we had any stars to look at.

Ari and her bears. She loves to put them to sleep. There are blankets everywhere, in the house, the car, the crib, etc... The good thing is that she does not care for just one. She does have some favorites, but we have plenty that she likes.

Once the bears are sleeping, she hushes us and then in a very loud voice says " They're sleeping. Shhhhh." I guess the to be quiet part applies to her parents only.

A bedtime story. She likes to have some books read to her before going to her bed. Sometimes when Mike is busy, I try to read to her, but she really wants him at this hour. Maybe after I read during the day, she wants someone else.

"Oh, no. You caught me!" Yeah, what is it with toddlers and fridges?

Went to Carmax to give us an idea how much will it cost to buy a used car if we need to get a second car. We need to start planning since there is a high chance that I will be going back to work in the near future. It was a very hot day, so we did not stay to long, but saw a few possibilities.

I guess that is what life is, a bunch of possibilities. So, here it is to positive changes.

Time to go back to the car. It was getting too hot, the baby had some pink cheeks, but she was drinking lots of fluids.

The big brownie that I made for Mike in our Anniversary. It has a crunchy top, but really soft- chewed interior. Yum.

Another year together :)

Happy Anniversary #8 to my mama and papa! :) Love, your squiggly.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ari's first bike ride ever! Don't be deceived by the serious face, she was all "weeeeee" (which is the happy and excitement phrase she uses) and when she saw me taking the pictures, she wanted me (so it looks like she wanted to cry in some pictures, but that is not the case). She loved it. Did not care much for the helmet, Mike said that he needs to adjust the helmet better, but that was the first run. Don't they look so cute together?

After the ride, Arianna decided to help me water the plants. She is very helpful :)

Too much play and work, they needed a break afterward!

Here is a new bird. He is a strange looking Robbin. It may be one of the eggs that was in the tree by our garage.

Arianna is reading the Nursery Book given to me in my baby shower by her grandparents!