Saturday, May 29, 2010

My drum...

It is not new news that Arianna loves intruments and the other day we went to toys'r us and found this drum from FAO Schwarz.  I remember that store when it was on Michigan Avenue.  It was very expensive for the most part, but it was beautiful to look at all the things they had.  That was the first time I saw the Steiff Bears.  Wonderfully made and wonderfully expensive.  But coming back to the drum, Arianna goes around the house marching...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In my daddy's shoes.

She loves to put our shoes.  Normally she goes for mine, but this time I caught her trying her daddy's shoes.  Yes, they are backwards.  They normally do that.  I am not sure why.  Does it make more sense to put the right  shoe on the left foot and left on the right one?  I guess so.
We had Grandma stopping for a little to pickup her mother's day present after having some delicious Chinese.
Some days I do so much that I make myself so tired and this time I could not go to the bed or the sofa to take a nap. 
Mommy loves this picture of me being silly in the car.
I had just woken up from my nap and realized that mommy had a present from her craft swap.  We opened it together.  It was beautiful.  Maybe she will take some pictures later of what she got.
Woken up and ready to go!

My new hat...

My Aunt Ann brought me this hat from her trip and after awhile I found it and decided to give it a try.  I was moving so fast so my mommy could not get me, but she took so many shots that I guess she found some decent photos to show up!
By the way, I love pinwheels!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scarlett's Big Day at American Girl Dolls (because it was her birthday present)

We picked up the girls and I thought they knew where we were going because of the dolls, but Alma had created some story...

A few shots while we were going through a lot of traffic.  We found out later that they had a protest so that is why there was a huge amount of traffic.

Parked downtown I normally don't like to go there.  But, this was a special occasion.  We stopped here because I thought that was the entrance to the mall where the store is, and it was not.  Cute pictures nonetheless.
Here is the real entrance, they still did not know because I made sure they did not look that way.  But after this picture they knew and boy were they happy!
Here are some pictures of the store.  It is really overwhelming if you are a child and an adult, but for different reasons ;)  Kids cannot figure out what they can pick (if it is only one thing) and adult's wallet just tremble.. hehehe.
Even Arianna liked a babydoll that came with a small bear. We bought it and she would not give us the bag.  She carried the bag for a good while.
We tried to go to their cafe, but it was full which in a way it was a good thing.  It was not cheap, for food that was ok (so I read).  So, we told Scarlett what she was in the mood and pie came in the conversation so we decided to go to Baker's Square.  When we were leaving we took the all see through elevator and Scarlett was very excited about it.
In the ride to the store we had a movie that kept them pretty entertain!
Happy at the restaurant after we filled their tummies with mac and cheese, chicken and pies!
Hope you enjoyed your day Scarlett!!!

I love my swing!

We had bought one infant/ toddler seat to replace with one of the ones that came with the swing and it so happens that we don't need it.  She learned to swing in this one!  Here are some pictures to remember :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

We caught you.... Jack!

So, we found out that Jack loves to drink water from sinks, bathtubs, or even the toilet if we don't close it.  Now, I have proof.  He behaves quite well when we are around and not so well when we are not around looking... He thought I was not looking :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

52 projects #18 - Pom Poms


For this week I'd been practicing pom poms.  I thought they will be easy, but I encountered a few glitches.  I'd been using leftover yarn because I don't want to mess up the one that I want to use for 2 projects that I have in mind.  The first one I want to make some barrettes for my daughter/ nieces and their dolls!  The second one  - I want to do a wreath that I saw made of pom poms and then you can add some other touches.  They are so beautiful.
So, can anyone give me some tips?  How to make sure they are perfect all around?  I was using a pom pom maker, but they were coming loose.  Do I need a different or specific type of thread to tighten them?   Here is a picture of what I have in mind.  I might change it a bit , but the pom poms are still there :)

Here are my best pom poms so far...