Sunday, August 29, 2010

WPP#35 -Renewal of vows

This is the Chapel where Mike and I got married 9 years ago.  The same Chapel that my brother got married recently.  The weekend after celebrating my brother's wedding.  We had the honor of going back to renew of vows just like we had done in the last 8 past years.  We called it "recharging our energy for a full year".  It feels like that.  It is such a relaxing, romantic and spiritual experience that we get to enjoy with ourselves and in some parts with other couples that go as well.  They are our yearly friends.  We catch up in all the events: new pets, new babies, empty nesters, kids going to College, lost jobs, new jobs, retirements, graduation, etc... The news are very diverse and long.  But, the meal is wonderful and the conversations are very interesting.  We love to go there every year and so far we have make it.  Just being in the Chapel holding hands listening to the ceremony (which is very short and funny) makes my year every year and it is done when we sealed it with a kiss.  See you next year God willing. :)