Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012!

We have not planned an Easter Party this year.  I guess we were so tired from Mike's on call week that we did not give it too much thought.  But, by Thursday night my mom called me and asked what were we doing? That is when things started.  Check the cute pictures :)

Here is my baby with her cousins.  They were playing, running, dancing, and waiting for the Easter bunny!

I asked them to go "crazy" and jump or do whatever they wanted.

Then, they thought of the swing set and how they can go silly!

I see a bunny at work :)

The kids get so excited when they see the eggs in the yard.

Ari did really well this year collecting eggs (all on her own).

After finding all the eggs.  Some where in the grass, others were hidden in things :)

The bunny did not make baskets (It knew they will need them for the eggs) but left a little gift for each of the kids.

Eating chocolate...

 My sister and her family + the bunny got my daughter an Easter bunny!

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