Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Abue!

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday.  It was very low key, but we were almost all together (my brother had to work ) :< but he is doing ok so we are happy and thankful that we are healthy ( even though sometimes I feel like a jalopy).  The kids were all smiles.

Those enchiladas were delicious, but boy they were so spicy.  I could only eat two and I needed a ton of soda afterwards, but it was so good... My sister was on fire!

Fried Rice that Tony made.  It was good.  I almost did not have space for dessert for eating rice, but it was well worth it :>

My niece made this beautiful Eeyore for my mom... I think it was really nice.

Wow!  It seemed my mom was thinking that (time flies)... but I told her she looked lovely and young. :>

I love this picture.  We were singing.  She was about to blow the candles :)

We love you mom.  May you always get peace of mind, health, and happiness... plus more :)

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